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City kicks off pre-monsoon program

Post Date:05/09/2017 6:00 PM


Image of a storm cloudThe city is beginning the sixth year of its Pre-Monsoon program, in which Public Works Department staff inspects public and private drainage ways in residential and commercial areas. The May through June inspections identify debris, dirt, trash and vegetation in drainage ways that could block the flow of storm water or be carried downstream during a monsoon storm.

If debris is in public right of way, department staff will remove it; if debris is on private property the property owner will be notified that it must be removed. Property owners are encouraged to contact the city with concerns or questions related to washes or drainage areas on their property.

Debris that is moved downstream can clog culverts and bridge underpasses resulting in additional flooding beyond what might have otherwise occurred in clear drainage ways. Because waterways in Sedona flow to Oak Creek, debris in channels and washes contributes to the pollution of Oak Creek.  

In conjunction with the Pre-Monsoon program the city will sponsor a debris collection event, free to Sedona residents, May 22 through May 26 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Residents may bring yard waste, including any debris that could block storm water drainage areas, to the Maintenance Yard located at 2070 Contractors Rd.   For more information contact Associate Engineer David Peck at 928-204-7108.  


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