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Uptown shopsBusinesses operating within the city limits are required to obtain a business license. If you are located outside the city limits, you are not required to obtain a business license.

“Business” means all activities or acts, personal or corporate, engaged in by any person or entity (or agent or employee of such person or entity) conducted for the purpose of apparent gain, benefit, or advantage, either direct or indirect. [Ord. 2010-16 § 1, 10-26-2010 (Res. 2010-30 Exh. A, 10-26-2010). Code 2006 § 8-2-1].

5.05.020  It is unlawful for any business to operate within the city limits without first having procured a current business license from the city and complying with any and all regulations of such business specified in the Sedona City Code, Sedona Land Development Code (LDC), and Arizona Revised Statutes. Said compliance shall include but not be limited to compliance with any and all zoning ordinances and specified building uses.

Business License Application Forms

Download the Business License Application Form. The packet includes instructions. You will prepare, print, sign and deliver the application in person or by mail to: Sedona City Clerk, Attn: Business license, 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona, AZ 86336. 

Special Event Business License Application

Change of Physical Address/Information Update Form

Information regarding Home Occupations

Information regarding Mobile Food Vending (Food Trucks)

How Business License Applications are Processed

1. Submit the completed application with payment (payable to City of Sedona), and mail or deliver to: Sedona City Clerk, 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona, AZ 86336-3710.

Start of the seven-day administrative review

2. Applications are reviewed for completeness, affidavit of legal presence, payment, supporting documentation, and signature. If applications are incomplete, missing documents, or payment not made, the application will be returned. If all items are complete, the application proceeds.

Start of the 40-day substantive review 

3. Applications will be reviewed within 10 days after the administrative review to verify that there are no outstanding issues with a prior year's business license or past due payments for sales tax, utility billing, or other services. If everything is in order, the application proceeds. 

4.  The Community Development Department reviews for compliance with all City Codes, Land Development Code; Building, Zoning , and any other applicable regulations. This review will be completed within 20 days. The application then proceeds to the next step. 

5.  If an application is denied for any reason by either the Business License Division or Community Development Department the applicant will be notified in writing as to the reason(s) for denial. If the application is approved by both work units, the license will be issued and mailed to the applicant within the last 10 days of the substantive review process.

Transaction Privilege Tax

The Arizona Department of Revenue collects the city's Transaction Privilege Tax. Business owners use the Arizona Department of Revenue tax form and submit payments to that department.

Get your TPT license online at

Sedona Business License Database

Download the most current list of business licenses here.   This table is updated periodically and information may lag a few months behind the current date; the information is subject to change. The table includes: License number, business name, DBA, location address and mailing address. If you have questions contact the City Clerk at  928-204-7185 or

Links to Other Resources

  • Arizona Commerce Authority has a helpful online tool for sorting through the requirements to start, operate and grow a business. Visit The checklist tool will help you easily navigate information on what you need to know, who you need to contact and where you need to go to license your business. It also includes contact information for statewide resources and assistance to accelerate your business growth.

  •  Model City Tax Code. The Model City Tax Code is a document managed by the Arizona Department of Revenue. It is designed to help business owners determine which items are taxed by each individual city and town, and which items are exempt from taxation.