Projects and Proposals


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Project update summary (May 2018)

Development proposals

The following are project proposals submitted by an applicant.

75 Blackhawk Lane Variance, VAR18-00001

Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel, PZ18-00009 (DEV)

Arizona Water Company Tank, PZ17-00001 (CUP, DEV)

Foothills South Unit 5, PZ17-00016 (SUB)

Habitat for Humanity, PZ18-00001 (SUB, DEV) & ADM18-00001

Hillside Vista Estates, PZ18-00003 (SUB)

Marriott Residence Inn, PZ16-00009 (ZC, DEV, CUP)

Oak Creek Boulevard Multifamily, PZ 18-00004 (ZC, DEV)

Park Place, PZ18-00007 (DEV)

The Village at Saddlerock Crossing (Oxford Hotel), PZ16-00013 (ZC, DEV)

Thunder Sixty Six Motorcycle Tours, PZ18-00012 (CUP)

City initiated projects

The following are city initiated projects.

Shelby/Sunset CFA planning

Land Development Code update

Ranger Station park planning

Archived Project Pages

Archived Project Pages includes links to previous project pages.

Submitting Comments:

How to submit comments: go to one of the project pages listed above for the link to a project comment form, or simply complete the Community Development Comment Form.

Project application

Includes instructions, checklist and fillable PDF form.

Notes: CFA = Community Focus Area, CPA = Community Plan Amendment, CUP = Conditional Use Permit,
DEV = Development review application, LDC = Land Development Code, VAR = Variance, ZC = Zone Change.