Oak Creek Boulevard Multifamily


PZ18-00004 (ZC, DEV)

Project Name: Oak Creek Boulevard Multifamily

Project Number: PZ18-00004 (ZC, DEV)Elevations

Request: Request for zone change and development review approval for a 6 unit apartment complex.

Project Summary: Application for Zone Change and Development Review to allow for the construction of a 6 unit apartment complex. The current zoning of both properties is single-family residential (RS-10a), and the applicant is proposing multifamily residential (RM-2) zoning.

Location: 50 & 60 Oak Creek Boulevard, Sedona

Project Status: The applicant requested a Conceptual Review of their preliminary plans. A work session with the Planning and Zoning Commission was held on June 19, 2018 and feedback was provided to the applicant. The applicant has submitted for a Comprehensive Review and staff is currently reviewing the application materials. Further meetings will be scheduled at a future date.

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings:  The following dates will link to meeting materials when available (approximately one week in advance of the meeting). Meeting materials typically include a staff memo/report, application materials, and public comments.

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For more information, contact Cari Meyer, senior planner, (928) 203-5049, cmeyer@sedonaaz.gov