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TPT tax rate of 3.5 percent begins March 1, 2018

Businesses subject to Sedona’s Transaction Privilege Tax will need to update their billing systems and cash register programming to begin charging the new TPT tax rate starting March 1, 2018.

The new rate on March 1 will be 3.5 percent, a one-half of one-percent increase from the previous rate of 3 percent.
The additional half-cent TPT is dedicated to funding roadway and other transportation projects to improve traffic flow for visitors and residents. This temporary increase is scheduled to expire as soon as improvements are completed or in 10 years, whichever comes first.

Some projects identified in the Transportation Master Plan have already been completed, and formal planning on several others is underway. Construction on some will begin in the fiscal year that starts in July.

Specifics and updates on transportation work is available on the city’s Sedona in Motion web page at


Read or download the full City Tax Code 2014 - PDF, 114 pages