picture of the new artificial turf installed at the Sedona Dog parkThe  staff members of the Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments are excited that the project is underway. Keep checking this page and our Facebook page for updates.


  •  11-16-2017 Update: The Contractors work is complete.  City staff are moving benches, installing signs and preparing the area for customers.  The park will be open to the public on November 18 with a grand opening celebration set for November 30 at 10 a.m.  Drinking fountains will be installed the week of Thanksgiving.
  • 11-6-2017 Update:  Contractor has requested and additional five days to complete the park.  Fencing will be installed Wednesday the 15 and the park will be open to the public on Saturday, November 18.  Drinking fountains will not be installed until the week of November 20.   
  • 10-17-17 Update:  Concrete work is ongoing and 50% complete.  Trees are being delivered 10/18.  Irrigation is getting installed.  All is moving along great!
  • 10-4-2017 Update:  Final material in dirt piles will be spread today and concrete work begins tomorrow!  All plumbing for two brand new water fountains is installed. 
  • 9-26-2017 Update:  Initial site preparation has been completed. Staking for the site features has been done. The rough grading for the parking lot and concrete walkways has been done. Excavation for the underground drainage and water lines is on going.
  • 9-18-2017 Update: There are tractors on location working.  Dirt is being moved.  A portion of the perimeter fence has been removed to facilitate the heavy equipment moving around!


Construction dates.  The park will be closed beginning Sept. 11, 2017, and will reopen for public use on or before Nov. 11. Estimated completion time is 60 days. For safety of people and pets, the park must be closed during construction. 

What's being done. The finished project will feature:

  • Grading and installation of catch basins to address water runoff and drainage issues.
  •  Entrance, walkway and fencing improvements.
  • A new dog play area with artificial turf and decomposed granite.
  • New drinking fountains and hose bibs for pet watering in both the small and large dog areas.
  • Addition of eight new off-street parking spaces, two of them accessible. 

See the design plan. View or download a two-page PDF (3.9mb) of the design for this Phase I construction project. You can also view the construction notice flier.

Hiker and walker impacts. Construction will also affect a small portion of the Sunrise Trail near the southern end of the park; trail traffic will be rerouted for hiker safety.

Questions?  Contact James Crowley, associate engineer, at (928) 203-5092 or jcrowley@sedonaaz.gov