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The majority of the hiking trails in the Sedona areas are in the Coconino National Forest. Use this link to visit the Sedona Friends of the Forest gateway site.

You may also wish to visit the U.S. Forest Service site for the Coconino National Forest.  In addition, Posse Grounds Park has a small network of walking trails - get the PDF map here.

The city maintains two trailheads for entry onto Forest Service Land:

  • Margs Draw Trail, located at the corner of Sombart Lane and Highway 179, east of Cirlce K.
  • Sugarloaf Trail, located at the corner of Sanborn Drive and Little Elf Drive.


Courtesy of Progressive Bike Ramps 2A beautiful and fun Bike Skills Park can be ridden in Posse Grounds Park.  Flow trails, jumps and dual slalom and pump park are waiting for you.

The Sedona Bicycle Plan encourages bicycle transportation.

Questions?  Contact Doug Copp, Sedona Bicycle Coordinator, 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona, Az 86336. Phone: 928-451-4055. Email:

Trails and Urban Pathways

The Trails and Urban Pathways Plan addresses direct access to and through Coconino National Forest lands and encircling the city. While the trails system is primarily for recreational use, the urban pathways component is intended for both transportation and recreational uses.

Trails and Urban Pathways map PDF