This project would improve traffic flow on SR179 from the Schnebly Hill roundabout and through the two roundabouts at the Y by altering traffic patterns, improving roadway design and addressing capacity issues.   

  • Evaluate opportunities to use Portal Lane as one-way access to shopping with new connections to allow vehicles to exit onto Brewer-Ranger roads. 
  • Reduce the number of vehicles that use the Schnebly Hill roundabout by providing alternate access to northbound SR89A and West Sedona.
  • Improve safety at the Ranger Road / Brewer Road intersection.
  • Estimated cost $500,000.    

The Brewer/Ranger connection would help divert vehicles that would be making a U-turn movement at the Schnebly Hill roundabout, reducing SR 179 congestion. With no traffic, it takes 12 minutes to travel from Bell Rock Blvd to the Y.  In severe congestion it takes 36 minutes. This level of severe congestion occurred on 6 days between February 1 and June 4, 2017.

The Brewer/Ranger connection is a relatively low-cost improvement and creates a more convenient route for northbound and westbound SR179 travelers with minimal impact to southbound SR179 travelers.