Artist in the Classroom Program

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Supporting Sedona Schools Since 1989

girl painting mural.jpgThe Artist in the Classroom program has provided quality arts education to preK-12 students in the city since 1989. Over the years, artists have provided a large variety to supplement arts education with poetry, dance, music, drawing, journaling, watercolors, cartooning, painting, sketching, mosaic, origami, magic, creative writing, art history, clay sculpting, weaving, drama, and Photoshop.

The program fosters rewarding, creative learning experiences in our local schools for all ages of children. Artists who specialize in either fine or visual arts, art history, architecture, performing arts, music, literary or culinary arts, are encouraged to participate. Of special interest are those talented in drawing, painting, weaving, printmaking, mixed media, theater, writing, journaling, and storytelling.

Program artists collaborate with a designated teacher and plan integrated art projects that enhance curriculum. Classroom experiences can range from a one-time workshop to classes presented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

These interdisciplinary art classes are designed specifically for each individual classroom with the purpose of encouraging creative thinking, problem solving skills and art exploration. Artists are paid $25 per hour and reimbursed for materials upon preliminary approval of their planning guide by the Arts and Culture Coordinator. 

All selected candidates for the program must first pass a background check prior to working with students. Call Arts & Culture Coordinator Nancy Lattanzi at (928) 203-5078 or email


 AIC Newsletter SY18-19 COVER.jpg

To view the entire 18 page newsletter, please click on this link:

AIC Newsletter SY18-19.pdf



Chris Spheeris & Courtney Yeates Music Class.jpg

Artist Chris Spheeris composing with

Courtney Yeates Red Rock High School Orchestra

AIC Music Rock Class RRHS.jpg

Artist Kathy Perry teaching with

Courtney Yeates Rock Band at Red Rock High School



2. kids painting wall.jpg

Artist Joan Bourque

Peace & Unity Mural West Sedona Elementary School

5. mural cropped.jpg



Origami Sample cop.JPG

Artist Karen Elaine Parsons

Red Rock High School All Grades with Elaine Vail's Library Class