Sedona's Public Art

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 West Sedona Entry TN

 SR 179 TN

 Oak Creek TN

 Miller TN

West Sedona
Entry Sign

 SR179 Entry Sign

 Oak Creek Canyon
Entry Sign

"Sedona Schnebly"

Stained Glass TN 

Daisys TN 

 Four Seasons 2 TN

Schnebly TN 

  Stained Glass

"Sedona's Wild Daisies"

"Sedona's Four Seasons"

Spirit of Sedona Awards Recipients

Run TN 

Red Rock Cowboy TN 

 Portrait Joe TN

Mural 3 TN 

"Hip Hopping Along" Sidewalk
Art Collection

"Red Rocks and the Cowboy Artist"

Photograph of Joe Beeler

Mural Project Collection


 Javalina Bench TN

Entrance Sign TN

Entry Gate TN

Pioneer Pathway

Javelina Bench

"How do ya like them apples!"

"King of Swing"

Blessed Homeland TN

Jack Rabbit TN

Mother Coyote TN


"Blessed Homeland"

Jack Rabbit and Cottontail

"Watchful Eyes"

Family of Javelina

Emergence TN

Way it was TN

Indian TN

Bronze large 


"The Way It Was"

Indian Portraits


           Beyond Statute                Above Statute            Anasazi            Cowboy


                "Above"                           "Beyond"                  "Anasazi"               "The Storytellin' Cowboy"