Above and Beyond

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City of Sedona's Public Art Collection


Artist:  Kim Kori and Ken Rowe

Media: Bronze and Steel

Installed: 2012

Location: The ravens sculpture "Above" is located at the roundabout at the "Y" intersection of State Route 179 and State Route 89A and the eagle sculpture "Beyond" is located at the intersection of Brewer Road and State Route 89A.

Artists' Statement: The "Y" roundabout has two ravens frolicking amongst the structures as often seen in Sedona.  The third raven is perched and looking downward, perhaps at one of the petroglyphs.  The Brewer Road roundabout sculpture has a life-sized bald eagle soaring by.  A broken wagon wheel at the base of the structure represents the early pioneers.  The eagle signifies freedom, is our national symbol, and is appropriate for this location adjacent to the U.S. Post Office.

The ravens and eagle are sculpted by Kori and Rowe and cast in bronze.  The “rock” structures are constructed of sheet steel with a rich rust patina and are fabricated by Tom & Lori Lever of Excalibur in Sedona.  As the sun rises and sets, the sculptures will change in color and shadows.  The petroglyph designs are native to the Sedona area.

The design incorporates nature, wildlife, the earliest human inhabitants, history and art. And for those visiting Sedona, the birds represent getting away from the hectic responsibilities of life, to play and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors in this unique and beautiful piece of paradise we call home.


Above Statute

                               "Above" Sculpture


 Beyond Statute

                              "Beyond" Sculpture