Sedona Schnebly

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City of Sedona's Public Art Collection


Artist: Susan Kliewer

Media: Bronze

Donated: 1994

Location: Sedona Public Library



The monument is a one and one/half life-sized bronze figurative representation of the pioneer woman, Sedona Schnebly, for whom the City of Sedona was named. The figure stands, looking forward, with a basket of apples carried in her right hand.

Sedona's left hand is extended to the front and turned upward, with an apple held in her palm. Her hair is pulled back and soft curls fall to just below the base of her neck in back. She is dressed in a shirtwaist with ruffle at the throat, a fitted, long-sleeved jacket with mutton-chop sleeves that is half buttoned and a simple, ankle-length skirt.



Miller W