Image of Robert PickelsCity Attorney Robert Pickels
Robert Pickels has served as the Sedona City Attorney since 2015. Read Robert's professional biography

City Attorney's Office functions

Scope of representation. The Sedona City Attorney's Office only represents the city of Sedona government, on matters of public business, and cannot provide legal advice to residents, nor can it refer residents to private attorneys. The office reviews and consults on contracts regarding city services and provides legal opinions and counsel to elected officials and staff. It is the intention of the City Attorney's Office to proactively address legal concerns confronting the city to enhance opportunities as well as to mitigate liability.

Legislation. The City Attorney supervises the drafting of all ordinances and preparation of all legal documents. The office also advocates on behalf of the city at the Arizona Legislature on matters of local concern.

Litigation. The City Attorney may institute or defend any suit, action, or proceeding on behalf of the city or any of its agencies when directed by the Sedona City Council.

Management of outside counsel. The City Attorney's Office manages the work of special outside counsel and also works closely with counsel retained by the city's insurance carrier to defend the city against any claims or suits filed against it.

Claims against the city. The City Attorney's Office reviews all claims against the city, and when appropriate, refers claims to the city's insurance carrier. Get the Notice of Claim fillable PDF form. Please note that Notice of Claim forms must be properly served as required by Arizona law before any claims may be considered by the City Attorney.  

Criminal prosecution. The City Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanor crimes that occur within the city of Sedona, including driving under the influence and other traffic violations, shoplifting, trespassing, and domestic violence. Felony cases and juvenile status offenses are prosecuted by the Yavapai or Coconino county attorney offices.