City Attorney FAQs

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question markCan the City Attorney advise citizens in legal matters?

No. The City Attorney cannot provide legal services to private citizens. However, the Arizona State Bar provides information on lawyer referral, low income, and self-help legal services. 

How do I file a claim against the city?

A Notice of Claim must be served in accordance with Arizona law.

Whom should I contact for a tenant/landlord dispute such as eviction, tenants rights, housing discrimination, trouble getting repairs completed?

The Arizona Department of Housing provides the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act publication.  You may want to contact Community Information and Referral Services, Inc. for referral to other agencies, organizations, and programs that may be able to assist you.  A handbook is available in PDF form entitled Tenant's Rights and Responsibilities. You may also find assistance at Arizona Tenants Advocates.  In addition, there is a Tenant Helpline at 602-262-7210.  Landlord/tenant issues are not handled through the Sedona Municipal Court; these matters are handled in the County Justice Courts.

Whom do I contact concerning a business complaint such as a problem with a business transaction, complaint about unsatisfactory service or repair?

Arizona Attorney General
Better Business Bureau

Where do I file a Small Claims Court action?

Coconino County - Flagstaff Justice Court
Yavapai County - Verde Valley Justice Court

How can I receive a copy of a particular Sedona City Code section?

City Code sections are available on the City Code search page.  For help with the search contact the City Clerk's Office.

Whom should I contact if I believe I am the victim of fraud or violation of my civil rights?

The Arizona Attorney General's Office in Phoenix is committed to protecting consumers from fraud (including cyber crime), children's rights, seniors' rights, civil rights, victims' rights, Americans with disabilities, etc.

Whom should I contact with a complaint about construction or repair work done by a contractor?

Arizona Registrar of Contractors

Whom should I contact if I believe I have been the victim of misrepresentation by a real estate agent?

The Arizona Department of Real Estate fields complaints regarding misrepresentation or ethical performance of real estate agents.

Whom should I contact to obtain a marriage license or passport?

Yavapai County Superior Court
Coconino County Superior Court

If criminal misdemeanors are prosecuted at the city level, who prosecutes felonies?

Yavapai County Attorney
Coconino County Attorney

How do I obtain an order of protection or an injunction against harassment?

These may be obtained from the Sedona Magistrate Court.

Whom should I contact with questions about wage disputes with my employer?

Labor Department of the Industrial Commission of Arizona