City Clerk Responsibilities

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City Clerk functions

Administrative support for mayor and city council

Duties include preparing and distributing all Council agendas and packets; attending all City Council meetings and gatherings; assuring that each meeting is recorded and the minutes are prepared and placed on the City's website; and assisting the Council with any other requests they may have.

Preparing council agendas and packets

An agenda lists the items that will be discussed at a city meeting including items to be acted or voted upon by the public body. Council agendas are created at an agenda meeting attended by the Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Manager, Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director, City Attorney, and City Clerk. At these meetings, the Council's next order of business is discussed and placed on an agenda. The agenda meeting includes discussions regarding the Council's regular meeting, work session, and/or a special meeting that has been scheduled during the same period of time. The City Clerk then distributes this information to each individual having an item on the agenda. Each person then provides pertinent information about the item so it can be included in the Council packet for that meeting.

The council packet. A Council packet contains information on each agendized item the Council will discuss at a meeting.  The week before a Council meeting, the Council receives their packet. This gives the Council time to read it and make informed decisions regarding the matters that come before them. Packets are also placed on the website for the public's review.

Processing ordinances and resolutions

An ordinance creates the laws by which the City of Sedona is governed.  Ordinances are passed through a formal action of the Council. A resolution is a less formal action of the City Council.  A resolution is temporary or limited in applicability. Resolutions are passed, for example, when an intergovernmental agreement is created between the City of Sedona and another governmental entity.

The City Clerk's office is responsible for processing all City ordinances and resolutions passed by the City Council. Once an ordinance and/or resolution has been passed, the City Clerk's office assures the documents have been signed, backup material, if any, is attached, the ordinance has been correctly posted, copies are distributed, and the ordinances and/or resolutions have been put on the City's website.

City elections

The City Clerk's office is responsible for holding city elections. Yavapai and Coconino Counties are responsible for holding county and state elections. You can find additional information about Sedona City elections by navigating to Election Information web page.

Public records management

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the City's permanent, historic and archived records.  Information from these records is available upon request.