Personnel Board

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The Personnel Board of the City of Sedona shall be created and be appointed by the City Council for determining: (1) whether just cause existed for dismissal, demotion, or suspension without pay of classified non-probationary employees; and (2) that proper procedures have been followed in such matters.

Board Members

  • Noel Marquis  (10/14 -10/17)
  • Dick Fischel  (3/14-3/17)
  • Janice Hudson  (3/14-3/17)
  • Kenneth Jepson (10/14 -10/17)
  • Kathryn Losoff  (10/14 -10/17)

Meeting dates
The Personnel Board is an ad-hoc committee and meets only as needed.

Staff representative
Brenda Tammarine, Human Resources Manager.