Citizen suggestions

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Make a suggestion

We always want to hear your suggestions on how to make our community a better place. When you make a suggestion, the Citizen Engagement Coordinator will address your suggestion, or provide it to the staff members responsible for the program area relevant to your suggestion. 

Implementing suggestions

If suggestions can be addressed at the staff level, they are. If they are bigger ideas, especially those that might require a substantial budget, the City Council is the body that decides whether to move the item forward. This is why citizens elect a council – to be our voice!  As always, citizens are welcome to reach out directly to city councilors to offer suggestions by submitting them through the council email portal.

What to know before submitting a suggestion

City Council works through a list of priorities each year, setting much of the staff’s workload for the subsequent fiscal year and designating a budget. Many of these priorities originated from citizen suggestions. We suggest that you check the City Council Priorities List before submitting a suggestion to see the projects already in the works. 

Ready to make a suggestion?

There are several ways to make your suggestion:

  • You can reach out to the Citizen Engagement Coordinator directly via phone at (928) 203-5068 or text (928) 821-6958.   
  • You can interact with the Citizen Engagement Program’s happenings through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Use the mayor and council email portal to send an email.
  • Submit a suggestion to the Comment Box, which will be delivered to the Citizen Engagement Coordinator.