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Community feedback is valued

In 2017, the City conducted a community survey to hear from residents about quality of life in Sedona. This allowed City staff to see how Sedona compares to other cities across the United States and how residents' answers differed from the last community survey that was conducted in 2007.

A snapshot of the results

There are many interesting results but some interesting tidbits include:

  • Most respondents rate the quality of life in Sedona as excellent or good, which is on target with the national benchmark.
  • Respondents generally feel Sedona is a safe place.
  • Sedona rates particularly low as a place to raise children. Residents’ perception of Sedona as a place to raise children also went down from 2007 to 2017.
  • Perceptions of local government are mostly lower than national benchmarks and trending equal to or lower compared to previous surveys. 
  • The natural environment, overall appearance, perceptions of resident’s neighborhood and perceptions of safety received the highest scores (more than 90 percent positive).
  • Traffic flow, employment opportunities, public transportation, affordable housing, cost of living and child care received the lowest scores (less than 25 percent positive).

Customized questions

While most of the questions are standardized so that comparisons can be made to other communities’ answers, the City did have the opportunity to create custom questions.

One of these was: While the City is currently working on solutions to reduce traffic, please select up to two additional priorities you would want the City to invest in over the next few years. The answers respondents could choose from and the results are below:

 survey result

Why the survey is important

For City staff and City Councilors who hear lots of resident opinion and feedback on issues, it is important to have data from this random sample survey, so that more informed decisions can be made.  

Links to the survey and the results

To see what questions were asked, read a copy of the survey.

To see the complete overview of the results, read this Community Livability Report.

To see how residents’ perceptions compare to our previous community surveys and to see how residents’ answers compare to other cities in the United States, read this Trends Over Time document.

More information

To learn more, email Lauren Browne, the Citizen Engagement Coordinator, call her at (928) 203-5068 or text her at (928) 821-6958.