Work Groups

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The Keystone to the Citizen Engagement Program 

Work groups are a crucial part of what makes this program successful -- they are task-oriented groups that function as an advisory board and work directly with staff on topics and issues that need public input. The idea is that when asked to be on a work group, you know how many times they will meet and for how long, making it easy to commit.

Dena Greenwood of The Dells Land Use Work Group surveys the 200 acres at the wastewater treatment plant on a site visit.

The following work groups are either actively meeting, are upcoming or have concluded. Sign up here via a volunteer questionnaire if you think you would be an asset to upcoming groups


See more details of the work groups, their members and tasks.

If you would like to attend a work group meeting, get in touch with the staff lead for the group. Visit the page with work group staff lead contacts.