Solar in Sedona

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Go solar in 2020
The city is committed to sustainability and encourages its residents to do the same. Installing a solar PV system on your home is a safe and easy way to show that you care about the environment. Benefits of solar power include cleaner air, increased energy security, and the reduction of harmful emissions.

What you need to know about Solar in Sedona
Review this Solar Fact Sheet to understand the process and requirements of adding a solar PV system to your property. 

Is rooftop solar fit for my home?
Google's Project Sunroof is a free tool to assess your roof's solar potential. Does your roof or installation site have uninterrupted sun from 9 3 p.m.? Savings suggested by Project Sunroof are likely inaccurate because the method is not disclosed and not tied to current local utility rates. Seek specific savings analysis from a solar contractor to determine if solar is a fit for your home. Also consider the age and condition of your roof. Removing a solar PV system to replace a roof can be expensive, so it is recommended to replace or upgrade an old roof before installing a solar system. 

Rebates and Incentives guide
Many rebates and incentives are available to help make solar PV systems more affordable. Click on the links below to learn about applicable rebates and incentives available to Arizona residents.