Code Enforcement

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Community Development Department (928) 282-1154

Frank Vocca, Senior Code Enforcement Officer,
(928) 203-5175
Stan Durkalec, Code Enforcement Officer,
(928) 203-5116
102 Roadrunner Drive, Bldg 104

Code Enforcement promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the community through enforcement of adopted city codes. Staff responds to citizen complaints and observed violations of the Land Development Code and the City Code. 

Report a concern or violation: 

  • Report It Go to the web page to submit concerns and complaints or download the Sedona Citizens Connect app for your mobile device.
  • Call a Code Enforcement Officer (203-5175 or 203-5116)
  • Stop by the Community Development Department at 102 Roadrunner Drive, Building 104   
  • Complete a Citizen Assistance Form and fax to: (928) 204-7124 or deliver to the Department.

When you report a concern:
Your concern will be entered into the Code Enforcement system within one working day. Staff will inspect the property within two working days. You do not have to identify yourself; without contact information staff will not be able to relay the results of their investigation.

When you report your concern, please have the following information:

  • The specific type of complaint or nuisance.
  • Your name and telephone number, so we can call you back if we're not in the office (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).
  • Exact location of the problem, with house number and street name. If there is no address, provide as much information regarding the location, for example " the northwest corner of Main and First."
  • Brief description of the violation or complaint.
    • If your complaint regards a vehicle, provide the license plate number, make and model, and color. Indicate whether or not the vehicle is on the street or private property. Vehicles parked in the street will be referred to the Police Department.
    • If your complaint regards debris, provide a brief description of the type of debris. Examples of debris include car parts, building materials, old tires, garbage and the location where these items are stored on the property.
    • If your complaint regards an ongoing activity provide a description of the activity, and the day and times it occurs.

Common code issues:

  • Excessive weed growth
  • Improper use of signs, see Land Development Code § 6
  • Vacation rentals - Go to the Vacation Rentals webpage
  • Off-premise canvassing (timeshare soliciting concerns) 
  • Improper waste disposal / Unauthorized dumping 
  • Blighted properties 
  • Unauthorized parking
  • Inoperative vehicles 
  • Illegal land uses
  • Unsightly property

How are codes enforced?
Code Enforcement is primarily reactive in nature, unless otherwise directed by city council and/or the city manager. Staff may  work in partnership with the Police Department, Animal Control, and other outside agencies such as the Arizona Department of Health Services.

What is the procedure for following up on confirmed code violations?
Staff members respond to all complaints. Any issue that pose a significant risk to health or safety is a top priority. All complaints trigger a field inspection; if a violation is confirmed, a letter requesting correction is sent to the property owner and tenant if the location is a rental property.  The property owner is responsible for any violations on their property.

How long does it take for the violator to bring their property into compliance?
In most cases, the property owner complies with all requirements within 30 days as noted in the letter requesting correction.

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