Community Focus Areas

Community Development Department (928) 282-1154

The Sedona Community Plan identifies 13 Community Focus Areas (CFAs) that have development or redevelopment potential and opportunities to realize the community’s vision. 

Community Focus Areas - completed or underway 
 CFA1  Western Gateway CFA Plan 
 CFA5  Soldiers Pass CFA Plan
 CFA678  Uptown CFA  Planning process underway
 CFA9  Schnebly CFA Plan
 CFA12  Sunset CFA Plan


CFAs are discussed on pages 34-36 in the Land Use Chapter of the Community Plan, and page 37-49 describes each of the CFAs. CFA Plans will go into more detail than the Community Plan on topics such as land use and circulation. Community involvement, especially for stakeholders in the CFA, will be integral to the planning process.

CFA Plans will be based on Sedona Community Plan vision themes and goals:

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Community connections
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Walkability
  • Economic diversity
  • Sense of place

For more information on CFAs, contact Community Development Department senior planners Mike Raber (928) 204-7106 or Cynthia Lovely (928) 203-5035.