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Project Name: Uptown Community Focus Area (CFA)

Summary: CFA plans are considered addendums to the Community Plan and address issues specific to a smaller area, whereas the Community Plan provides the big picture vision of the future of Sedona. CFA plans are intended to guide future development and typically address land use, circulation, environment, and community issues. The plans are developed with community input from property owners, businesses, neighbors, and other stakeholders. The draft plan undergoes a public review process and goes into effect once approved by City Council.

Location: This CFA includes the commercial corridor north of the "Y", and includes Main Street on 89A as well as portions of Forest Rd and Jordan Rd.The planning process will determine the more exact boundaries.

Comments: Submit your comments, ideas and suggestions.

Project Status: The public planning process is underway and will continue through 2019. 


Uptown Parking:
    • 2012 City of Sedona Uptown Parking Management Plan (pdf)
    • 2005 Sedona Parking Management Study (pdf)
    • Uptown parking information and map (webpage)

Transportation Planning and Projects:
    • Sedona in Motion (webpage), including the City of Sedona Transportation Master Plan and information on the Uptown Improvement Projects

Sedona Community Plan or Community Focus Areas

*For more information contact Cynthia Lovely, senior planner at (928) 203-5035 or Mike Raber, senior planner at (928) 204-7106.