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Key Housing Issues in Sedona:

• Need for greater housing diversity and affordability.
• Need for preservation and renewal of older neighborhoods.
• Need for a range of housing choices for seniors.

-Community Plan, p. 23

Development Incentives & Guidelines for Affordable Housing
The purpose is to provide guidelines and offer incentives that encourage the construction and retention of affordable housing in Sedona. Providing affordable housing as part of a request for a zone change is considered to be a community benefit that meets an established community need. Providing affordable housing as part of a project is voluntary on the part of the developer. A developer who elects to provide affordable housing as part of a project should refer to these guidelines.

Housing in the Community Plan
For a summary of the plan’s recommendations regarding housing, go to: Community Plan on Housing.

Encourage diverse and affordable housing options. –Community Plan goal, p. 17

Housing Inventory
The following table lists the number of existing housing units by type of housing, as of 2014. The Multi-family housing page has a breakdown of multi-family housing types, which includes condos, townhouses, duplexes, and apartments.

Housing Type Number of Units 
 Single-family detached houses  5,210
 Multi-family attached units  928
 Mobile home park houses  329
 Total  6,467


Residential Zoning Districts
While the previous table listed the existing number of housing units already built, another perspective is to look at the percent of housing types by zoning. If there was full build-out under the current zoning, the following table shows the breakdown by housing type.

Residential Zoning Districts % of total 
 Single-family Residential Zones  95%
 Multi-family Residential Zones  4%
 Mobile Home Park Zones  1%


Affordable & Workforce Housing
When the majority of housing in the city is single-family homes that cost more than typical*, there are not enough affordable housing options to meet the demand. Many employees that work in the city (such as teachers and police officers) are either not able to find housing or not able to afford to live in the city. One type of affordable housing is rental apartments, and with so few units in the city, affordable rentals are in short supply (see the Multi-family housing page for details).

*According to Zillow, in July 2017 the median home price in Sedona was $441,400, compared to the Arizona median of $225,000.

Housing Resources
Development Incentives and Guidelines for Affordable Housing, City of Sedona

Baseline Housing Report, 2006, City of Sedona

Affordable Housing Myths, 2009

Higher Density Development Myth and Fact, 2005, Urban Land Institute

Myths and Facts About Affordable & High Density Housing, California Dept. of Housing

Arizona Department of Housing

Arizona Housing Coalition

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