Community Plan on housing

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This is a compilation of information regarding housing from the Sedona Community Plan

Community Plan desired outcome:
Housing Diversity. Sedona has fostered the building of different housing types to provide more options for all ages and income levels by using innovative public policies and programs and nurturing partnerships with private developers. This housing diversity has attracted more young people, families, and professionals, to become a vital part of our community life. Outcome, p. vi

Community Plan housing goal:

Encourage diverse and affordable housing options. Goal, p. 17

  • A sustainable community offers a range of housing types by providing opportunities for people to live near jobs, shopping, and services, which enable shorter trips, the use of alternative transportation, and a reduction in traffic congestion.
  • There are also economic benefits associated with a diversity of housing choices, such as the ability to attract and retain businesses and employees.
  • A lack of choices may mean a loss in revenue when employees choose to live in another community that has more housing options, where they spend their income outside the City.
  • Housing choices are also important to seniors whose needs will change as they age, whether they are downsizing, want a lower maintenance home, or need support services, or a full service healthcare facility.
    -Community Plan, p. 23

Diversity of housing options - policies

  • Provide funding support to help maintain the integrity of older neighborhoods to ensure a diverse range of housing options. Policy 11, p. 54
  • Encourage the retention of low to moderate income housing opportunities in the redevelopment of existing mobile home parks through retention of existing densities and other incentives. Policy 12, p. 54
  • Encourage housing for seniors by identifying locations for assisted living, age in place, and other housing options in close proximity to health services and by allowing a wide range of housing choices. Policy 13, p. 54
  • Consider new and emerging trends for non-traditional housing developments, such as co-housing, garden apartments, and other alternate housing types. Policy 14, p. 54

Higher density housing goals and policies

Create mixed use, walkable districts. Land Use Goal, p. 17
Housing diversity plays a key role in creating a mixed use environment, which also encourages pedestrian access to jobs, shopping and services.

Create a more walkable and bike-able community. Circulation Goal, p. 57
A higher density housing option is an opportunity for more residents to live closer to jobs and services within walking and biking distance and with better access to transit.

Support locally owned businesses. Economic Development Goal, p. 89
Higher density housing contributes to housing diversity with additional housing options for professionals, employees and residents.

Where supported through citizen participation in a City-initiated planning process, allow densities greater than 12 dwelling units per acre in mixed use projects in the West Sedona Corridor. Policy 10, p. 54
The Plan includes a provision for residential densities greater than 12 units per acre to be considered in Community Focus Areas (CFA) through the approval of a CFA plan. The Western Gateway CFA Plan includes such provisions to promote housing diversity and affordability.