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Community Development Department (928) 282-1154

Looking for something in particular or have a question? Use this index to find what you need. Visit us in person at 102 Roadrunner Dr., Building 104, Sedona, Az 86336. Hours: Mon-Thur, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Building Permits –  Go to Permits 
Submit an online request for a Building Permit Inspection
View all Monthly Building Permit Reports
Business - Go to Business Checklist page, or download the Business Checklist, or go to Business license or Opening a business in Sedona.
Moving into or renovating a location for your business? Go to Permits for tenant occupancy or tenant improvement permits.

City Codes – Go to the City Code or Land Development Code
Citizen Assistance - Send us the Citizen Assistance Form if you have a question, concern, or request for information.
Code Enforcement - Go to the Code Enforcement webpage or call a Code Enforcement Officer at 203-5175 or 203-5116.
Colors – The city does not regulate specific colors of buildings, but does regulate the light reflective value and chroma (intensity) of building colors. Go to Land Development Code, §5.7.F Building Color. Before painting your house call Community Development at (928) 282-1154.
Community Development Block Grant - Go to the Housing page
Community Focus Areas
- Go to the CFA Page 
    Schnebly CFA
    Soldiers Pass Road CFA
    Sunset CFA
   Uptown CFA
    Western Gateway CFA   
Community Plan - Go to the Community Plan
Sedona’s Community Plan is the city’s general plan, required by state law. It is a statement of community goals and development policies used to make decisions regarding new development, new regulations and ordinances, and to decide priorities and funding for planning programs, infrastructure and facility construction. The plan is guided by extensive community participation.
Complaints - Go to Report It to submit a report; go to the Code Enforcement webpage; or call a Code Enforcement Officer at 203-5175 or 203-5116. You may also send us the Citizen Assistance Form if you have a question, concern, or request for information.
Construction hours
Generally construction activity is allowed from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday with a valid building permit. During these hours construction activities are exempt from Sedona sound regulations except for national holidays.
Construction Inspection Hotline: (928) 282-3268
Contact Information – Community Development Department Staff Contact Us

Development project proposals – Go to Projects & Proposals

Economic Development - Economic Development, New Business Checklist

Fees - Go to Fees

Historic Preservation Program 
Go to: Historic Preservation ProgramHistoric Landmarks, Historic Preservation Commission, Land Development Code, § 8.7 Historic Preservation Procedures.
Home business
Home occupations are allowed if they meet certain requirements, see Land Development Code § 3.4.D Accessory Uses, or call (928) 282-1154.
Home Rentals - Regarding short-term rentals, go to Vacation Rentals
Housing - Go to Housing

Land Development Code - Go to Land Development Code
Sedona’s Land Development Code (LDC) was revised in 2018. The LDC regulates land uses within the community and includes development standards. It specifies zoning districts, which assigns each piece of property to a district and identifies allowable uses and standards such as minimum lot size, maximum building height, and minimum front yard depth.
Land Use and Population Status Report
Landlord / Tenant Rights - Go to the Housing page
Lighting – See Outdoor Lighting below
Liquor licenses for special events - Go to Permits

Ordinances – Go to City Codes or Ordinances 
Outdoor Lighting - Sedona is an International Dark Sky City, and shielded lights are required under the Land Development Code § 5.8 Exterior Lighting.

Permits - Go to Permits
Planning & Zoning Commission - Go to P&Z Commission
Low Water Use Plant List
Political Signs. Refer to state statute A.R.S. § 16-1019
Population: Land Use and Population Report
Q. What is Sedona’s population?    A. 2010 Census: 10,031
Projects – Go to the Projects & Proposals page

Short Term Vacation Rentals - Go to Vacation Rentals
Sign regulations are § 6 of the Land Development Code.
    Sign Permits – Go to Permits
Special event permits
- Go to Permits

Temporary Use Permits - Go to Permits

Vacation rentals - Go to Vacation Rentals.

Weed complaints – See Complaints above or go to Code Enforcement

Zoning – Go to Zoning