LDC Update: Community Character

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Sedona will have a unique and distinctive image and identity. - Sedona Community Plan

The Land Development Code (LDC) contributes to preserving Sedona's community character. The following are examples of how the city's Land Development Code influences the built environment.


Public art is found throughout the city, in public right-of-ways and on private land. The LDC § 5.9 requires public art as an element of commercial development projects.
 Art on 179

"The Open Gate" by Reagan Word

Located in the SR 179 and Schnebly Hill Road roundabout.

 Art Mural

"Spark of Divinity" by El Mac, on the Whole Foods Building at 1420 W SR 89A

Community Gathering


Plazas and courtyards built into commercial developments provide seating, shade and an active and lively atmosphere.

 Community Ex1  
 Community Ex2  



Sedona's sense of place is enhanced with creative signs that are designed with textures, layering, shadows, natural materials, and appropriate colors. The LDC § 6 sets standards for sign colors, materials, and placement.

 Sign Ex1 The famous golden arches is a corporate brand, yet this is McDonald’s only teal arches in the world.
 Sign Ex2



Sedona values its dark skies, and was recently designated as an International Dark Sky Community. The LDC § 5.8 sets standards for exterior lighting

 Lighting Ex1 The amber colored street lights illuminate the sidewalks where the light is needed, minimizing light pollution.
 Lighting Ex2 This light fixture directs the light down - note the light bulb is not visible, which is indicative of a dark sky fixture.

Fences and Walls


To maintain a unique community character and protect scenic views there are standards (LDC § 5.6.E) for the design, height, materials, and colors of walls and fences.

 Fence Ex1 This fence is a creative work of art made with materials and colors that 'say' Sedona.
 Example of a wall The combination of the rock retaining wall and the plants helps to hide the road and blend the walls into the background.



Screening is used to minimize views of the built environment, whether it is to conceal cars and parking lots, a dumpster, mechanical equipment, or outdoor displays.

Screening Ex1  
 Screening Ex1