LDC Update: Scenic Beauty

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The built environment will blend with the natural environment.   - Sedona Community Plan

The Land Development Code (LDC) plays an important role in preserving Sedona's scenic beauty. The following are examples of how the city's Land Development Code influences the built environment.                     

Building Design (LDC §5.7):  Building Colors

 Colors Ex1

Colors similar to the natural environment blend in without calling undue attention to the buildings. Building color is addressed in the LDC.

The house colors are similar to the colors found in the surrounding landscape.

 Colors Ex4  
 Colors Ex2 The colors of this house blend well with the surrounding trees and cliffs.

Building Design: Height

 Height Ex1

Notice that there are no tall buildings in Sedona? That was by design. The LDC sets limits for building height.The fact that these houses are barely visible is the goal!

 Height Ex2

The roof lines of these houses going up the hill follow the slope, roughly even with the tree line.

Building Design: Materials



 Materials Ex2 Buildings that use a variety of materials including red rocks blend into the landscape and are more visually interesting. Building materials are addressed in the LDC.The red rocks of the building blend with the red cliffs behind it.
 Materials Ex1 A combination of materials and textures can create a pleasing relationship between the building and its natural surroundings.
 Materials Ex3  

Building Design: Massing

 Massing Ex1

These buildings are not simple square boxes. The LDC sets standards for building shapes (massing) and sizes.

"In order to maximize the integration of the built environment with the natural environment, and to minimize the distractions of the built environment, all new development proposals should incorporate means of reducing the apparent size and bulk of buildings..."   - LDC § 5.7

 Massing Ex2  
 Massing Ex3  



When landscaping reflects the natural environment it creates a sense of place that is uniquely Sedona. The landscaping of commercial projects is addressed by the LDC § 5.6.

 Landscaping Ex1
 Landscaping Ex2




 Trees Ex2

Imagine Tlaquepaque without the trees. The sycamore trees characteristic of Oak Creek were designed into both the new and original Tlaquepaque. The LDC § 5.6C addresses the preservation of trees.

The original Tlaquepaque that was built in the 1970s recognized the value of the trees as an integral part of the experience.

 Trees Ex1

The Tlaquepaque North expansion was designed around the existing trees.