GO Sedona! Bike/Walk Planning

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Trail SignThe City of Sedona is undertaking a community planning process to look at how to make Sedona more walkable and bikeable. The result will be a Master Plan, which will serve as a guiding document to outline the steps to achieving a more walking and biking friendly city.

In doing this, we are talking with residents to learn:
  • Where are you currently walking and biking?
  • Where do you wish you could walk or bike and why?
     o What needs to be addressed in order to get you from point A to point B?

We want to hear your ideas!

Please share your ideas on new or improved sidewalks, pathways, trails, or trail access in the City of Sedona; you may also sign up to be on the email list to receive updates on the planning process, such as public workshops. Click below to link to the Comment Form.

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• Improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians
• Provide routes that offer safer alternatives to the highway corridors.

• Improve the experience and convenience of walking and biking in Sedona.
• Provide amenities and support facilities that improve the experience.
• Provide a system that serves people with a range of abilities, skills, and experience.
• Establish best practices and standards for facility design.

• Encourage people to walk or bike instead of driving.
• Provide information and maps such as where to go, how to get there, and trail etiquette.
• Inform residents of the value of pathways to property values and the benefits for residents.

Connectivity & Mobility
• Reduce traffic by increasing the number of people walking and biking instead of driving.
• Connect community destination points with safe and convenient routes for walking and biking.
• Ensure that residents can walk or ride from their neighborhood to city parks and National Forest system trails.
• Provide an equitable distribution of trailhead parking throughout the city to reduce impacts of trailhead parking on any one location.
• Improve connectivity and provide shortcuts for walking and biking, especially in areas that are lacking in street connectivity.


We expect this planning process to take nine months. Beginning in January 2019, the City started meeting with an advisory board of residents to get detailed input on walking and biking in Sedona.

Additionally, we will be holding workshops and community meetings during the nine months. Check back to this website to learn more about when and where those will occur.

Resources & References

Sedona in Motion (SIM) is the implementation effort for the Transportation Master Plan. The plan was completed in 2018 and recommends various strategies to address traffic congestion and mobility needs of residents, visitors, and commuters. The "GO Sedona!" planning effort addresses Strategy 11, Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements.  See the SIM page for details on the status of other transportation projects.

Previous Studies:
As a foundation to this planning process, the City will be using the following documents:
The 2018 Transportation Master Plan
The 2007 Sedona Bicycle Plan
The 1996 Trails and Urban Pathways Plan
The 1994 Red Rock Pathways Plan

More information

Please contact either:

Cynthia Lovely, senior planner, 928-203-5035

Lauren Browne, citizen engagement coordinator, 928-203-5068