Thank you for your help and commitment to maintaining Sedona’s beautiful neighborhoods and high quality of life. If you have any questions, concerns or need additional information about short-term rentals, please call us – your success is our success!  

Arizona law allows for homes to be used as short-term vacation rentals (A.R.S. §9-500.39), which became effective on January 1, 2017 and often referred to as SB 1350 – the State senate bill that ended city prohibitions on short-term vacation rentals. On October 11, 2016, City Council amended the Short Term Rental Regulation (Chapter 5.25 of the City Code).

Definition: "Vacation rental" or "short-term rental" means any individually or collectively owned single-family or one-to-four-family house or dwelling unit or any unit or group of units in a condominium, cooperative or timeshare, that is also a transient public lodging establishment or owner-occupied residential home offered for transient use if the accommodations are not classified for property taxation under section 42-12001. Vacation rental and short-term rental do not include a unit that is used for any nonresidential use, including retail, restaurant, banquet space, event center or another similar use. -A.R.S. §9-500.39

What can be considered a short-term vacation rental?
• Single-family houses
• 1 to 4 unit houses (duplexes, etc.)
• Condominiums, townhouses, cooperatives or timeshares
• Individual rooms within any of above

What cannot be used as a short-term vacation rental:
• Unapproved, unsafe structures (garage, shed, etc.) that do not meet health and safety standards
• Apartment complexes of 5 or more units

Property Owner Responsibilities

  • Ensure the safety of the structure  
  • Tax License
  • Compliance
Neighbors’ Rights
• Unless otherwise prohibited by your Home Owners Association, your neighbors are likely allowed by law to engage in short-term vacation rentals.
• The city does not enforce rules and regulations of Home Owners Associations. Please contact your association to inquire about those rules and regulations.
• Shor-term vacation rentals must comply with rules and regulations limiting noise, unsightliness and other nuisances similar to those that apply to other residential uses.
• If you are a neighbor and want to ensure the property is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations, or if you have specific concerns about noise, or other nuisances - contact the Community Development Department at (928) 282-1154 or report issues online using Report It!
• If the situation is suspicious or after normal business hours (Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.), contact the Sedona Police Department at (928) 282-3100. In an emergency dial 911. 
Pending Legislation

Short-term rental legislation that affects Sedona residents is actively moving through the State Legislature. Read more here.