Pending Legislation

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Senate Bill 1554 

Short-term rental legislation that affects Sedona residents is actively moving through the State Legislature. 

Senate Bill 1554 considers additional short-term rental management tools for cities and towns. The bill was amended from when it was first introduced, but read this summary of the bill's current key provisions, which is updated as the bill is moved through the legislative process.

The process

The process this bill will go through, knowing that at any time it could either not move forward or be amended, is:

  1. Introduction of the bill by multiple sponsors. (This has been completed.)
  2. Assignment of the bill to the Senate Commerce Committee. (This has been completed.)
  3. The bill is heard by the Commerce Committee and they decide if it's passed out of the Committee and onto the Senate. (This has been completed.)
  4. The full Senate votes on the bill. (This has been completed and it passed.)
  5. If passed by the full Senate, the bill would cross-over to the House of Representatives and the Senate process would be repeated there. (This is the next step.)
  6. If passed by both chambers (House and Senate), the Governor will decide whether or not to sign the bill into law.  If vetoed, a two-thirds majority of the legislature can override that decision.

When to provide input and who to contact

Where the bill is in the above process, will dictate which decision makers should be contacted. Currently, residents should provide their input to members of the Arizona House of Representatives. You can find their contact information here

At any point in this process, residents may also email:

To officially register an opinion on this bill at any point in this process, residents must use the Request to Speak (RTS) program, which requires in-person registration at the Arizona Capitol. After registration is set up, constituents may register opinions from home using the RTS system or in person at meetings. 


Call the City Managers Office at (928) 204-7127 for questions.