Small Business Spotlight

The Small Business Spotlight is a series of articles highlighting the Sedona entrepreneurs who have started, strengthened or expanded their businesses as a result of resources provided by the city. These resources include opportunities for education, training, mentoring and/or financial support accessed through the Sedona Economic Development Department and its partners such as VVREO and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

Sedona Culinary Institute
The institute trains cooks for every corner

Sarah Ann Lesslie has a recipe for success

Compost Crowd
Kathleen Ventura and Brock Delinski turn trash into compost

Karen's Gluten Free Living
Karen Russell has found the secret

Anita Marcus: LaserGirl to the rescue

Sedona Beer Company
Kali Gajewski & Mac Crawford: One year and growing

Sedona XYZ
Generations X, Y and Z shape Sedona of 2040

Sustainability Alliance
The red rocks are going green

Sierra Shafer's strength in numbers

Tender Heart Bakery
Joshua Vailokaitis ditches donuts for gluten free cookies