Defensive Driving School

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Arizona statutes allow you to remove one eligible traffic violation from your record by completing a defensive driving class, if you are eligible. This means points will not be assessed to your driving record for that violation and the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles will not be notified.


You may be eligible to remove one charge if you meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Your citation was for a civil "moving violation," (those marked with an asterik on the fine schedule). 
  • You have not attended a defensive drive class for any Arizona civil traffic violation in the last 24 months,
  • Your citation was not issued as the result of a collision in which any person was seriously injured or killed,
  • Your case is not set for a hearing.

Advantages of attending Defensive Driving Program

  • You will not pay a fine for one traffic charge
  • You will not have to go to court for that charge
  • That charge will be dismissed       
  • There are no points against your license for that charge.

The defensive driving school you select will tell you if you are eligible to remove one traffic violation. If so, you can register for and take a defensive driving school class. Once your class is completed, the school will report your attendance to the court, and your violation will be removed from your record.  You must complete the defensive driving course seven days prior to the date at the bottom of your traffic citation.

To enroll in a defensive driving school class, select a school from those listed on the Arizona Supreme Court web site or call  888-334-5565 and then contact the school to register.