Flood Hazard Status Reports

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The Public Works Department accepts email requests for Flood Hazard Status reports. These reports are based on staff’s interpretation of the following studies:

  • Flood Insurance Rate Map issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and
  • Floodplain Management Study, a study performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service in May of 1994.

The interpretation provided by the Public Works staff is not an instrument of certification. Certification must be determined by a field survey performed by a registered land surveyor or professional engineer. The information supplied with the flood hazard status relates only to flood hazard areas formally designated by FEMA and/or local city floodplain maps. 

To request the flood hazard status report, the following information must be included with the request:

  • Parcel or tax assessor number (APN). This must be the current APN.  A flood hazard status report cannot be completed if an invalid parcel number is supplied.
  • Street address. This helps confirm the property for the request is valid.
  • Requestor information
    • Company name
    • Mailing address
    • Phone
    • Comments or special request
    • Requestor email addresss

Response time may be 2-3 business days. Public Works offices are open Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Email your request to: