Maintenance Services

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Maintenance Supervisor: Pete Garcia: (928) 203-5063
Inspections: Sal Valenzuela: (928) 203-5030

Maintenance Services responsibilities

  • Drainage ways and drainage within city rights-of-way. Drainage ways are inspected on a regular schedule and cleaned when necessary.
  • Emergency planning and coordination for flooding, snow removal, accident clean-up and sand-bagging operations.
  • Right-of-way maintenance such as trimming brush and trees that grow within the public rights-of-way adjacent to the roadways. If you see an area where the brush or trees block your ability to see the roadway and on-coming traffic please report it. Brush and trees growing along the rights-of-way that obstruct the view of a private driveway are the responsibility of the property owner or the owner of the driveway.
  • Road inspection. We inspect the roads on a weekly basis. Most work orders take 2-3 weeks to complete. If you see a pothole, damaged sidewalk, or any problem that you may think needs attention please use our online Report It system.
  • Roadway maintenance. Paving, also known as resurfacing of asphalt roadways, is conducted in spring and summer. Projects are planned several months in advance. The factors used to determine whether a road gets resurfaced include potholes, cracks, rideability and date last surfaced. Contact Victor Estrada at or (928) 204-7800 for more information.
  • Street signage including regulatory, warning and street signs within the rights-of-way. If you see a traffic sign that is down or damaged, report it as soon as possible.
  • Facilities including Posse Ground Park and Sunset Park buildings, Sedona Historical Building and parking lots including the Uptown municipal parking lot.
  • Wastewater permits. Public Works Inspection staff members oversee the issuance of permits for connection to the wastewater system and for abandonment of private sewer systems.