Before and after photos of FAST paving

Sedona has 110 miles of public streets. The Public Works Department performs routine street maintenance in good weather, including filling potholes, resurfacing and sometimes reconstruction. The city does not maintain private streets, county roads, SR 179, or SR 89A outside of the Uptown area. The state routes are maintained by ADOT.

How the schedule is determined. We keep data on street surface roughness, environmental stresses and structural condition, and create a long-range schedule to determine which roads should receive asphalt overlay, FAST paving or a seal coat. Dry, temperate weather is required to ensure quality results. Our schedule must consider other concurrent city projects, right-of-way concerns, environmental issues, utility work conflicts, neighborhood and business impacts, and must ensure both staff and traffic safety. Typically, no vehicles are allowed on the street during resurfacing.

Notification. Property owners are notified by door hanger, website postings and/or mailings at least two days before work begins.