Remaining Sewer Capacity

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After July 9, 2013, increases in the level of sewer capacity commitment are not to exceed 90,000 gallons per day.

For zone changes and new subdivisions where a sewer extension is proposed, sewer capacity will be committed to after the development review has been approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission. This approval will include a condition that the sewer capacity will no longer be committed if the development review is not further approved by the Sedona City Council and/or the application loses the development rights recommended/approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

In accordance with City Code section 13.15.040 the City Engineer issues permits for connection to the sewer system. Questions regarding the status of a commitment of sewer capacity should be directed to Ryan Mortillaro, Assistant Engineer, (928) 203-5091.

 As of this date: 12/21/2016
 Wastewater capacity currently committed to  Remaining available wastewater capacity
 1.5793 mgd    0.050680 mgd  
 mgd = million gallons per day



On July 9, 2013, the City Council approved Resolution 2013-14. The resolution approved the “Public Works Policy: Extension of Sewer Collection System Through 2017." The policy recognizes that as of the date of the resolution that the buildout of then-existing sewered area would result in an estimated flow of 1.54 million gallons per day of sewer flow to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. It also acknowledged that the council had approved proceeding with design of improvements to the plant that would result in a capacity of 1.63 million gallons per day. In 2014, daily flows were on the order of 1.2 million gallons per day.

The difference between the commitment of 1.54 million gallons per day of sewer flow and the improvement to 1.63 million gallons per day is 90,000 gallons per day. The effect of the policy is to allow connections outside of the area connected on July 9, 2013, or increases in the estimated flow from a parcel in the sewer area based on zoning used for the Sewer Master Plan, all provided that the sum of these allowances does not exceed 90,000 gallon per day.

The increase in wastewater flow is to be limited so that flows whether estimated or observed do not exceed the capacity of the plant treatment process, or the effluent management program, or the solids management program. In light of this, if observations warrant, less than 90,000 gallons of new flow commitments may be approved.