Wastewater Division Regulations

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Wastewater collection system regulations

Backwater prevention device requirements
City Code Chapter 13 – Wastewater, Article 13.15.040 Permits for Service Connections

When the lowest drain fixture for a facility served by a gravity sewer lateral is less than four inches higher than the nearest upstream manhole, a backwater prevention device shall be installed on the lateral on private property exterior to and down stream of the facility served by the lateral. A backwater device shall be installed on existing laterals by December 31, 2011 or when the lateral is replaced or repaired, which ever occurs first.

Backwater prevention device requirements

Grease control
City Code Chapter 13 – Wastewater, Article 13.40 Pretreatment Requirements  

The City Code contains provisions in Chapter 13.40 aimed at controlling the discharge of grease, oil and fat from food preparation, food handling facilities and other grease and oil generators into our wastewater collection system (sewer mains). These provisions include a requirement for permits to discharge from grease traps and interceptors. Chapter 13 of the wastewater code is located on the city website under city documents.  Wastewater Department staff members inspect grease traps/interceptors on a quarterly basis to make sure they are properly maintained. Questions? Call 204-2234.

Grease trap and interceptor permit requirements. Owners and operators of food preparation and handling facilities, as well as other facilities utilizing grease traps and/or interceptors, are reminded that a permit is required to discharge to the city sewer system; this is in addition to paying a capacity fee.

Information for businesses regarding City Code, Chapter 13, Wastewater
Application for grease trap and/or interceptors discharge

Request for exemption to grease trap/interceptor requirements. Section 13.40.020.D of the City Code allows an exemption to the requirement to install certain pre-treatment devices when it can be shown that activities conducted on the site will not produce wastewater containing substances that require a grease, oil or sand separator.  Download the grease trap exemption application - PDF.

Drug disposal.  Please do not dispose of drugs in the wastewater system. The Police Department has a program for drug disposal.  Anyone can take their medication pills to the police department front lobby and deposit them the RX drop box. You do not have to leave any personal information when you drop off the pills.    

Sewer laterals. Prior to connection to the city sewer system, a person must submit an application for connection. The application is submitted with a $30 payment and a site plan.

Application for permit to connect to the wastewater system