Low-Income Wastewater Subsidy

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Temporary Residential Wastewater Subsidy Rate Program

The City of Sedona is offering a temporary low-income residential wastewater subsidy rate for qualifying households affected by the COVID-19 virus, starting with the March 2020 billing cycle. This program will be in effect until the State of Arizona and City of Sedona COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. At such time, monthly wastewater rates will return to previous billed amounts. Those still needing assistance after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted can apply for the City’s normal low-income subsidy program at that time. The subsidized rate is $32.17 per month.  (The regular residential rate is $61.11 per month.)

Temporary Residential Wastewater Subsidy Rate Program Application Form- PDF


Low-Income Residential Wastewater Subsidy Rate Program

The city offers a discounted wastewater rate to qualifying low-income residential customers. To be eligible for the program, an applicant must meet all of the qualifications listed below. The subsidy is provided on a year-to-year basis and qualifying customers must apply for and meet the requirements annually.

1. The income of all persons occupying the residence will be considered and must not exceed the thresholds below. Verification of income, such as a copy of each applicant's most recent federal tax return, must be provided annually.

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 2. To be considered an applicant must demonstrate their lawful presence in the United States as outlined in ARS §1-502. The name of the applicant must be the same as the name on the City of Sedona billings for the service address.

3. The residence must not be delinquent in payment of their monthly sewer fees. An individual will be removed from the program and returned to the current regular billing rate if their account becomes delinquent at any time.

4. Applicant must demonstrate that their residence uses 5,000 gallons of water or less per month, per person. Twelve months of usage history must be submitted along with the sewer subsidy application (see below). Water usage information can be obtained from an applicant’s local water company. Eligible properties must be connected to the sewer system.

5. Applicant must occupy the residence year round, all 12 months, and own no other properties.

Wastewater subsidy application - PDF