City Council Priorities

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Welcome to the City Council Priority List

Every other year, near the beginning of the calendar year, City Council creates a Priority List, which is revisited annually. This City Council Priority List is a compilation of all the special projects that City staff will work on throughout the year, in addition to staff’s normal job duties. These priority items are often big concepts like: traffic issues, major land planning processes and policy changes.

Contents of the document

You’ll see key takeaways on each priority listed on the right, including:

  • what the level a priority the item is: high, medium or low
  • the workload: extensive, moderate or minimal
  • the estimated time frame
  • if applicable, the most recent time City Council discussed the issue. A direct link of the date the issue was last discussed will take you to the online Agenda Bill on the issue. An Agenda Bill is what is created when an issue goes to City Council and provides context and background.
  • the person on staff who is the project lead for that priority
  • the projected budget

Additionally, you’ll see an explanation and status update on the priority with a percentage update at the bottom to let you know how far along the item is until completion.

How are issues placed on the priority list?

Items on the priority list come from a number of different places. Some items are carried over from the year prior, some items are citizen suggestions that have been expressed to City Councilors that now by majority vote need action, and some are specific Councilors’ ideas that they would like to see brought to fruition.

Goal of this document

It is the goal of the City of Sedona to communicate effectively with everyone in Sedona, from the staff who work at City Hall, to the resident, to even the visitors who stay in Sedona for just a few days. It is important that everyone have access to current information on projects that will affect this city for years to come.

More information

For more information on any project in this document, contact Citizen Engagement Coordinator Lauren Browne at 928-203-5068 or and she will connect you with the project lead.