Chapel Road shared use path & parking improvements

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SIM Chapel Rd path illustration Residents of the Chapel neighborhood asked the city to address problems of parking and pedestrian safety along Chapel Road.

This project will install a shared-use walk/bike path along the north side of Chapel Road. between State Route 179 and Fox Road. The path will allow residents and visitors to safely walk, bike, and exercise in a space protected from traffic, and will be an extension of the shared use path on SR179 that begins at Tlaquepaque.

Additional parking will be placed near the Mystic Trailhead to accommodate more vehicles and improve safety, while the remainder of Chapel Road will be posted No Parking.

Improved walkability was residents' second-highest priority in the city's 2017 Citizen Survey, and investment in other modes of travel is a key goal of the Sedona Community Plan.  


» Sept. 2019 - Feb. 2020:  Design of the shared-use path and parking spaces.
» July 2020 - June 2021: Construction of the shared-use path and paving of additional parking spaces.  

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