Thunder Mountain/Sanborn drainage & shared-use path

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SIM Thunder Mtn design illustrationThis project comprises drainage improvements and development of a shared use walk/bike pathway along Thunder Mountain Road/Sanborn Drive. It follows previous, significant investments in drainage improvements to protect property and stormwater quality in this area.

The Thunder Mountain/Sanborn project will increase drainage capacity to move more stormwater runoff to the Harmony/Windsong inlet structure, and will extend existing drainage culverts between Rhapsody Road and Coffee Pot Drive to accommodate installation of a shared use walk/bike path.

The new shared use path will extend eastward from the existing sidewalk on west Thunder Mountain Road to Coffee Pot Drive to allow residents to safely walk, bike, and exercise protected from traffic by a curb. The project will also include weed removal and new or improved landscaping and hardscaping. 

Improved walkability was Sedona residents’ second-highest priority in the city's 2017 citizen survey, and investment in other modes of travel is a key goal of the Community Plan. 


» July 2019 - June 2020: Design of drainage improvements and shared use path. Drainage construction begins in 2020.
» July 2020 - June 2021: Complete drainage improvements, shared use path, curb and gutter work, and paving.  

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