Updated January 2020 

Construction of the Forest Road extension is expected to begin after July 2020. The new road is expected to be open in winter 2022. The new portion of Forest Road will connect with SR89A west of the post office. The redesigned street will include a sidewalk and bike lane, or a shared-use bike/walk pathway.

A 2018 survey of  Uptown residents found 78 percent supported building the extension. It will allow Uptown residents to bypass the two roundabouts at Brewer/Ranger roads and the Y, and serve as an additional access / egress route for emergency responders and emergency evacuation. When the extension is completed vehicles will use a left-turn lane on northbound 89A to enter Forest Road west of the post office. When exiting Forest Road at that location only right turns will be permitted onto southbound 89A.  

Purpose of the extension

  • Gives Uptown residents a way to bypass two busy roundabouts, reducing traffic in those roundabouts.
  • Provides additional access to emergency responders; serves as an additional evacuation route.
  • Provides an additional off-highway walk/bike connection between Uptown and West Sedona.
  • Estimated cost $2.8 million.

The images below show design concepts for the alignment option selected by city council at the May 29, 2019, meeting.

Forest Road connection design concept